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2 hours 24 min ago
Detectives have seen body camera footage and heard an 8-year-old boy tell them how Atatiana Jefferson died but the officer who shot her has not shared his side of the story.
2 hours 58 min ago
A New York attorney serving as an acting attorney general in the Federated States of Micronesia was gunned down outside her home on Monday, the state confirmed to CNN.
3 hours 1 min ago
The Democratic candidates head to the debate stage on Tuesday in the crucial swing state of Ohio amid a deluge of explosive developments in the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump's interactions with Ukraine.
3 hours 1 min ago
The Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office has issued a shelter in place notification because of the release of hazardous materials from a refinery fire in Northern California.
3 hours 4 min ago
Some women at Fox News are preparing for battle in the new trailer for "Bombshell."
3 hours 7 min ago
Former Vice President Joe Biden has benefited, to borrow a phrase from a man who once held the office he is seeking, the "soft bigotry of low expectations" so far in the 2020 presidential debates.
3 hours 8 min ago
It could almost be a scene from a slapstick comedy: a marmot stands frozen in fear, slack-jawed and balanced on one foot, as it suddenly notices a charging fox.
3 hours 13 min ago